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Self Clean Filter

XCLPS Self Clean Filter, Manual or Auto Operation
Liquid Filtration
Stainless Steel Wedge Wire

Blade-type self-clean filters

Oxford XCLPS blade style self clean filters are used for the filtration of virtually all fluids from water to very high viscosity fluids where the filter is cleaned without the operator accessing the unit or even on a completely automatic basis with no operator involvement in the cleaning operation.

Oxford Filtration's innovative self-clean filter technology offers you improved output, greater efficiency and consistent quality in a cost-effective and reliable package which is supported by our excellent pre and after sales care.

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316 Stainless Steel
Element Sizes:
From 50 micron
Quick Release V Clamp
Threaded Sizes:
DN40, DN50, DN65
Flange Sizes:
DN40, DN50, DN65, DN80, DN100
14 bar (200 psi) @ 50°C
Chemical compatible seals
Automation Package
  • Element cleaning without stopping or disrupting the fluid flow.
  • Element cleaning without significate fluid loss.
  • Fully enclosed system.
  • No operator contact with the fluid, ideal for hazardous or sensitive applications.
  • No externally introduced contamination issues, increases confidence in the quality of the filtered product.
  • Clean operating area and easy environmental contamination control.
  • Suitable for virtually all fluids of all viscosity levels.
  • Paint and coatings industry
    Used as a fully automated quality control measure to ensure paint, ink , varnish etc is free of unwanted particulates in the process and filling lines. Used to replace paint bag filters, open sieves and other more labour intensive filtration methods.
  • Chemical industry
    Used for filtering process chemical liquids on a automated basis to protect pipeline equipment, as a quality control measure and replacing more manual methods of filtration generally.
  • Paper industry
    Frequently used for process water for example in the protection of spray nozzles on paper making machinery and also used on raw water intake and cooling water.
  • Power
    Used on industrial water for cooling and the filtration of sealing water to increase the service life of turbine shaft seals.
  • Water industry
    Used throughout the industry for straining of raw water usually before other finer filtration methods and on waste water treatment plant etc.
  • Food
    Used on suitable applications for example in the chocolate industry as a quality control measure and in the meat industry for process water filtration.
Flanged Units (mm)
Size A B C D E F G H J
40 270 157 260 245 555 150 185 250 3/4"
50 270 157 260 245 555 150 185 250 3/4"
65 270 157 260 245 555 150 185 250 3/4"
80 299 192 260 255 645 190 185 250 1-1/2"
100 430 280 350 380 880 295 510 300 1-1/2"
Threaded Units (mm)
Size A B C D E F G H J
40 220 157 260 245 555 150 185 250 3/4"
50 220 157 260 245 555 150 185 250 3/4"
65 220 157 260 245 555 150 185 250 3/4"
Factors to be Taken Account of when Selecting a Strainer:
  • Fluid type
  • Flow rate
  • Viscosity
  • Temperature – operating and design
  • Pressure – operating and design
  • Degree of filtration required
  • Connection type i.e. flanged PN16, ASA150, screwed BSP, NPT
  • Any special requirements i.e. heating jacket, magnets, mounting brackets, dp indicator/switch etc.
Please refer to brochure for mesh basket correction factors.
To assist us in providing a quotation or recommendation, please provide as much detail of your application as possible.
Contact Information
Please provide detailed contact information.
Special Requirements
Please provide details of any special requirements, lead times, certification or documentation etc.
Liquid Type
Flow rate
System Pressure
Micron Removal Size
Solids Loading
Particle Type (hard, soft, sticky, fibrous)
Equipment Details
Connection Type
Connection Size
Seal Type
Gland Seal Tightening
Gland Seal Replacement
Blade Replacement
Element Replacement
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