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Gas Liquid Separation

Wright-Austin-Eaton Gas Liquid Separators remove up to 99% of all damage causing moisture and solid particles larger than 10 microns.

Typically installed following an intercooler or aftercooler, the separators are used to remove entrained moisture that would otherwise cause damage in successive stages of compression or to subsequent processes. They're ideal for entrainment removal in primary air lines leading to air-using equipment such as air chucks, air nozzles, and paint spray equipment.

Separators are often installed ahead of steam turbines to protect the turbine blades from the erosive action of wet steam, pipe scale, and other damage-causing entrained solids. They're also installed in steam distribution lines to assure clean, dry steam enters heat exchangers, pressure reducing valves, temperature regulators, meters, and other process equipment.

In-line gas liquid separators

In-line gas/liquid separators are compact, easy to install and can are supported by the pipeline. Available in Vertical and Horizontal configurations.

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Two-stage Gas Liquid Separators

Two-stage gas/liquid separators are for applications requiring extremely fine entrainment removal.

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Separator Exhaust Heads

Exhaust Heads are designed to separate entrained water and oil from exhaust air, gas or steam prior to being discharged directly into the atmosphere.

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Coalescers Separators

The Coalescer Separator's unique two-stage design removes up to 99% of all liquid and solid particles larger than 4 microns in size.

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Dry Type Gas Separators

Dry Type Gas/Liquid Separators have been designed for applications with a higher than normal load of entrained solids.

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Separator Drain Traps

Float Drain Traps are available in a variety of models and materials of construction.

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Internal Separators

Designed for installation inside receivers, steam drums, and other vessels, Eaton internal gas liquid separators remove up to 99% of particles and liquid droplets 10 microns or larger from air, gas, or steam.

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