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Hayward flow control products and solutions specific for the demanding needs of chemical feed systems. Ideal for applications such as chemical dosing, transfer & processing and chlorination systems

Hayward Flow Control Injection valves and Injection Quills
Ensures that chemical feed systems inject into the centre of a process stream for better mixing and to prevent corrosion inside the process pipe. The integral check valve prevents the process fluid from going back up the chemical line.

Hayward Piston style Pressure Relief Valves
Piston style Pressure Relief ideal for high viscosity fluids. Available in size 1/2" to 2" PVC or CPVC, with Threaded or Fanged ends. Metric threads available upon request. Choice of FPM or EPDM Seals. Can be set from 5 to 75 psi.

Hayward diaphragm Back Pressure Valve
All thermoplastic diaphragm Back Pressure Valve for chemical feed systems, applies back pressure to a metering pump to prevent siphoning and eliminates varying dosage rates resulting from fluctuating downstream pressure.

Hayward diaphragm Pressure Relief Valve
All Thermoplastic diaphragm Pressure Relief Valve for protecting against over-pressure in Chemical Feed Systems.

AV Series Angle Globe Valves
Available in sizes 1/4" to 2" with FPM Seals and NPT threaded ends. All PVC construction. Perfect for throttling and changing flow direction or venting.

Hayward Air Release Valves
Air Release valves with FPM seals in 3/4 in. size. PVC with PP ball for mounting on 3/4 in. thread pipe for easy installation onto a tank.

Hayward Calibration Cylinders & Columns
PVC and Glass Calibration Cylinders/Columns for Chemical Feed system applications. A timed draw-down of the liquid in the cylinder provides an accurate measurement of the pumps actual output against system pressure.
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