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Moulded Perforated Screens

All Stainless Steel

At our Brisbane manufacturing facility, we take pride in our expertise in crafting custom perforated elements and stainless steel screens. These components play a crucial role in various industries, including filtration, separation, and material handling. Our skilled Tradesmen meticulously design and fabricate perforated elements and stainless steel screens to meet the unique requirements of each client.

With our commitment to quality craftsmanship and innovative solutions, we strive to exceed our customers' expectations and provide them with the best-performing screens for their applications.

Perforated screens with moulded ends.
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50mm Compact Filter - 80mm LT Super Filters
Part: 11-2023-0050
50mm, 500μm perforated
Part: 11-2023-0080
50mm, 800μm perforated
Part: 11-2023-0150
50mm, 1500μm perforated
Part: 11-2023-0250
50mm, 2500μm perforated
Part: 11-2023-0300
50mm, 3000μm perforated
Part: 11-2023-0350
50mm, 3500μm perforated
50mm Super Filter - 80mm T Super Filters
Part: 11-3023-0050
50mm, 500μm perforated
Part: 11-3023-0080
50mm, 800μm perforated
Part: 11-3023-0150
50mm, 1500μm perforated
Part: 11-3023-0250
50mm, 2500μm perforated
Part: 11-3023-0300
50mm, 3000μm perforated
Part: 11-3023-0350
50mm, 3500μm perforated
50mm Compact Filter - 80mm LT Super Filters
Part: 700101-000438
80mm, 800μm perforated
Part: 700101-000439
80mm, 1500μm perforated
Part: 700101-000440
80mm, 2500μm perforated
Part: 700101-000441A
80mm, 3000μm perforated
Part: 700101-000441
80mm, 3500μm perforated
  • MIG & TIG Welding
  • Rotating Welding Positioner
  • Spot Welding
  • Rolling
  • Folding
  • Micro Fine Mesh Spot Welding
  • Centre Lathe
  • CNC Plasma Cutter and Hand Held
  • Workshop Press
  • Swage & Jenny
  • Metal passivating and electro polishing system
  • Milling Machine & Drilling etc.
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