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Duplex Basket Strainers

Duplex Basket Strainers can operate continuously and does not require the process to be shut down for basket cleaning. Duplex or twin basket strainers have two separate chambers that operate independently. When one basket chamber requires cleaning, the flow is switched to the other chamber allowing the first basket to be removed and cleaned.

A duplex basket strainer is a type of filtration equipment used to remove solids and debris from a fluid stream. It operates by using two baskets, one of which is in use while the other is being cleaned or replaced.

The fluid flows into the strainer and is filtered through the basket. The basket’s mesh size determines the size of particles that will be filtered out. The filtered fluid then exits the strainer and continues on its way.

When the basket becomes clogged with debris, the strainer is taken offline, and the basket is removed for cleaning or replacement. Meanwhile, the other basket takes over the filtration process, ensuring a continuous flow of filtered fluid.

In this way, the duplex basket strainer provides a high level of filtration efficiency and allows for easy maintenance without interrupting the fluid flow.


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