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Monarch Industrial fabricates Temporary Plate strainers using heavy gauge stainless steel perforated metal. We offer standard and custom sizes to suit most flange types and applications.

To assist us in providing a quotation or recommendation, please provide as much detail of your application as possible.
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Please provide detailed contact information.
Special Requirements
Please provide details of any special requirements, lead times, certification or documentation etc.
When enquiring please specify:
  • Flange Type (e.g. ANSI, Table D etc)
  • Flange Size
  • Pipe schedule
  • Perforation or mesh Size
  • If lined, please specify the direction of flow
  • Material of construction: 304 or 316 S/Steel

We regularly fabricate flange rings and cone strainers to suit virtually all flange standards including the following. Please specify the flange type when enquiry to ensure clearance between the bolt pattern.

Australian Standard - AS2129
Table C, Table D, Table E, Table F, Table G, Table H, Table J

British Standard - BS10
Table D, Table E, Table F, Table G, Table H, Table J, Table K

American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
ANSI 125, ANSI 125/150, ANSI 300, ANSI 600, ANSI 900, ANSI 1500, ANSI 2500

British Standard - BS4504
BS4504-6 (PN6), BS4504-10 (PN10), BS4504-16 (PN16), BS4504-25 (PN25), BS4504-40 (PN40, BS4504-64 (PN64), BS4504-100 (PN100)

RTJ (Ring Type Joints)
Style R Oval, Style RX, Style R Octagonal, Style BX

The schedule number on pipe products relates to the thickness of the wall on the pipe. As the number increases, the thicker the wall thickness becomes. Also, while the schedule number can be the same on different sized pipes, the actual wall thickness will be different.

When requesting a quotation please specify the pipe schedule being used. This in important to ensure there is sufficient clearance at the base of the Cone Strainer.

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