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Hayward Bag Filters - Particle filtration for liquids

For more than 50 years, Hayward Flow Control’s leading thermoplastic fluid handling products and solutions have proven to excel in the harshest environments. Thousands of customers worldwide have installed our products into aggressive and corrosive systems, as well as delicate life support systems where the strictest chemical balance is required.

We understand the rigorous demands of industrial piping and are committed to offering advantageous products for your application that will keep your systems working.

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Unlike traditional metal and plastic filters, Hayward’s new patent pending FLV Series Bag Filter features a one-piece injection moulded thermoplastic glass filled polypropylene body with true union end connections, ergonomic cover design with liquid displacing dome, vent valve and drain plug. Available in simplex through quadplex assembly, the FLV Series can accommodate filter bags or a single 7˝ cartridge or five 2-1/2˝ cartridges.

Hayward’s industry leading thermoplastic Basket and Y-Strainers protect pipeline system components and maintenance facilities from dirt and debris while allowing process media to flow freely. Simplex and duplex strainers are manufactured in PVC, CPVC, GFPP and clear Eastar, and are available with thermoplastic, stainless steel or alloy, perf and mesh lined baskets in a wide range of sizes. Our Y-Strainers are offered in PVC, clear PVC or CPVC, with FPM or EPDM seals.

Hayward Flow Control products carry an industry-leading, full two-year warranty. As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, we strive for the highest quality product possible for use in a wide range of demanding applications.

Cover Features

  • Ergonomic Handles Raised to Protect the Vent Valve
  • Integral Pressure Relief Valve Threads in Cover
  • Vent Valve Provided with Every Filter
  • Solid, Buttress Threads
  • Liquid Displacing Dome Inside Cover
  • Cover Retains Pressure with Hand-Tight Seal (No Additional Tools Necessary)

Body Features

  • Self-Draining O-Ring Groove Directs Overflow Back Inside Filter
  • Pressure Energized Face-Style Seal Prevents Basket Sticking
  • No Internal Threads
  • Chamfered Interior Shoulder Surface Ensures Basket Sealing
  • Moulded-In Legs Assure Proper Basket Placement Within Filter
  • Drill and Tap Locations and Mounting Pads for Differential Pressure Gauges
  • Optional Drill and Tap NPT (Offset) Ports Available (Must be Ordered) for Alternate Configurations
  • Integrally Moulded True Union End Connections
  • QR Code on Filter Label Leads Directly to Online IOM

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